**Upon rereading my title, I realize that some of my young readers may have no idea what ISO means, which made me chuckle a bit.**

I love going on Adventures! For me though, an Adventure need not be more than a spontaneous surprise. I get the same exhilarated feeling whether I am laying on the edge of the Grand Canyon or getting lost on the way to Chinatown and being serenaded by a homeless man singing Cupid by Sam Cooke.

I was raised in a very dysfunctional family and that in itself was an adventure. The next moment was never predictable, things were usually chaotic and that really trained me to be always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing. The privilege of adulthood is that I am learning how to remove the dysfunction from the chaos so that I can enjoy the Adventure before me.

I look for Adventure everywhere. For me, every interaction I am ever a part of is a chance for Adventure. I think the reason that I developed this trait is because I am easily bored, I always have been; I crave the chaos. I hate monotony. Even that word just washes a heavy blah all over my body. The idea that people exist with a daily routine feels gross and dirty to me and you should stop doing it right now.

We are not meant to live that way. Shackled to a life of schedules, forms, and terrible foundations until we die. We are not meant to be duplicates of our parents mistakes. We were not created to be controlled by words inside a book; we were supposed to be moved by them. We are alive to be moved and inspired, to feel amazed every day. Wonderment is not selective to the child, it’s just something we are told to put aside in order to become an adult.

But I can’t let go of my wonder, my whimsy, my need to wander; I was not meant to stand still. My body was created to move; move up, move others, move mountains. I tried for many years to fit into a book, a box, a boring routine but, it is literally killing me so I give up. I need to “Breathe the free air again.”

I miss Adventures and I want to have more. And I want to have them with you and you and yes, even you. The experience will bring us closer, even if we don’t know each other yet. So come have an Adventure with me!

I will be listing my personal “Fuck It, We’re gonna kick the bucket” list and if anyone sees one they like and wants to have an Adventure with me, then you should let me know. I should say that, if you participate in an Adventure that I have listed, it will be filmed*, photographed, and posted on my blog.

*It will be edited and may be viewed prior to posting.

At the very least, go have your own Adventures. Opportunities are all around you. Be Riveted! Stop letting routine kill your Life Labido! Quit acting old, Man, just quit.20140730-080314-28994631.jpg





Questions, answers, comments, & complaints are all welcome.

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