Jupiter Returns from Orbit

One of my best friends has moved back to town. He used to live across the country but has returned to (just a few hours away from) his old stomping grounds.

I’m happy except I wish he lived closer. I wish I could just call and say, “Ya wanna drive around and go get coffee?” And he would just say, “Yeah Baby.”

We would sit for hours and not a say anything. I miss that . . . no need to say anything. Other times we would just talk nonstop about everyone and everything and he would pull me in with his words until all I wanted to do was taste them before they even left his tongue.

I’ve missed him. I’m happy he’s back. I’m impatient to see him. Perhaps if I put it out into the Universe then my Jupiter will visit me. Maybe if I will it enough he will be at my door within a week. Maybe . . .

There’s been so much time lost, since we sat together and didn’t say a word.

I miss the way we would make each other laugh at the most ridiculous shit at the most ridiculous times and we would just be off in our own world. I have missed those moments so much. I’ve missed my friend. And I love you so much, guy.

I can hardly wait to see you.


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