Mental Meanderings of Me

Those nights when your brain won’t let you sleep though. Not due to stress or worry. No, not me, I’m being kept awake by daydreams, rumination, and existentialism. My brain just can’t help itself. Some nights it gets so excited, it will actually send electric shocks to my muscles to jolt my body from its slumber.

Tonight I’m thinking about .   .   .

Tiny Houses; prefabricated vs self designed/built vs other designed & built

Whether or not we’re going to have human life on other planets in my lifetime. If I would ever visit the moon and what it feels like under your bare feet? 

Someone should name a planet Bowie; if space nerds haven’t already done it.

Hiring someone to brush my hair at my pleasure.

Our delightful family flu. Hiring people to act as my extended family and to come over and help take care of me.

Family picnics. Like from the movies; down by the lake, guys are playing football, girls are wearing 80’s bandeau bikinis. 

Creepshow 2, The Raft. I wonder why I’m so afraid of water that I can’t see through?

A silver bullet trailer? Maybe that would be good but, I feel like maybe the layout isn’t as clean. We could just do it super old hippie style and get a bus, Man. And an old shaggy do and we just load our kids and the pup into “The Merth Mobile” which will be a super ironic name due the generally bohemian look of the inside of it. Complete, with red rope licorice.

I really like the new Muppets show.

I need to get my teeth cleaned. I should get up and brush my teeth. I should get up an oil pull. Ooooooh, I should get up and oil paint.

How long could I lay here before I can’t physically hold my pee any longer? I’m going start timing it .   .   . NOW!

I really want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And a grilled cheese.

That skit from Saturday Night Live, drunk girl, performed by a guy, Jeff something. Drunk Girl is dispondent about no one offering her a grilled cheese while she was trick or treating.

I should make my own pasta at home again but, I need to buy a crank handle for my machine. Seems ridiculous to just buy a handle, should just buy a whole other set and use one for clay. That’s a good idea.

Pyramids. I can’t stop thinking about pyramids. The energy they hold.

I wish I could go swimming right now. Sometimes when I swim in pools that have a light on I think that it’s a big giant squid coming to get me.

Is Nessie a boy or girl? I wonder where her secret hidey tunnel is?

What’s paella again? It’s got clams in it.

17 minutes give or take.


Questions, answers, comments, & complaints are all welcome.

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